26. the one where i’m the best of the week

actual title: the one with all the effing rain! >:(

a couple of weeks ago, eldery collie-child fell down the stairs a bit.
the vet said she has arthritic-ky legs now and had clearly pulled something in her back, so she was in a pathetic, immobile way for a few days until the anti-inflammatories kicked in. to keep her safe from steep & twisty stairs, we started keeping her shut downstairs at night. (which she hates, obviously. because she wants to be with her guys.)

sad collie

so, even though she was barely able to walk for a few days there, even though we had to help hoist her up from Lie Down into Stand position, even though she was all pitiful, hunchy-back crippled… she was still able to Dig. and every time she’d been Digging, she ended up with a “poorly tummy” :/   <— yes, i mean diarrhoea. i was trying to be delicate.

being a clever collie, she rarely has accidents in the house – an insistent 3am *yap* will suffice.
being a clever collie, 3 weeks on, back to normal but still shut downstairs at night, she’s started a 3am *yap* JUST BECAUSE. i get the excited GOOD MORNING greeting, and then she sits nicely, wagging her silly tail and pointing at her bonio tin.

while i go back up to bed and just lie there waiting for effing dawn to occur and listen to the effing birds. >:(
i need my sleep.

i think the last few days (weeks) (months) (year) have all taken it out of me – i feel all kinds of drained & exhausted.
and this miserable rainforest weather – torrential rain, air pressure & humidity – is not helping. *self-pitying woes*

“blah!” >:(

however! when i awoke at ELEVEN AM (!) today, after yet another broken night of yapping collie and Too Hot,
my eyes had this treat:

one of my zombie foxes was in the folksy newsletter today! (helpfully, i have added red arrows so you do not miss it) :)

and yet further eye-treats:

it’s hardly rained at all today!
not inside OR outside of the house! :D


One thought on “26. the one where i’m the best of the week

  1. Awww… hope the poorly collie-child-dog is now on the mend (and has been re-taught about waking human-peoples at 3am being a bad-dog thing to do!).

    Sunshine! That was a good thing. Yes. We had some too. Briefly. It was also a good thing. But today it rained again (again!!!). Bad thing. I sympathise with the feeling-all-flat-and-fed-up bit, because me too (in fact, just about everyone I know feels the same). Does it help to know you are not alone?

    Being in Folksy Newsletter. Extra good thing. Yes. Very good. Thank you for the helpful red arrow thingies… my feeling-all-flat-and-fed-up eyes don’t like to have to look for stuff…

    Maybe it will be sunny tomorrow. Maybe.

    Hope Anakin is better. X

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