24. the one with the (factory) shopping spree

hey, today we did Normal People stuff!

i had some post office stuff to do today, and with mum & dad with me, it seemed a shame to walk past the thorntons factory shop without going in?

^ haha! no, but SERIOUSLY! :o

now listen, right, i’ve been obsessed with denby pottery for years, ever since i first coveted my gran’s stuff. i was drawn to the tactile quality, their simple design, the beautiful glaze and gorgeous colours. especially gran’s duck egg blue egg cups (now living in my kitchen cupboard – shhhhh).

so imagine my surprise, when i moved to derbyshire, and found out denby was an actual place! THE place! the place where all that awesome pottery came from!
(hey, i’m from africa – we didn’t learn this stuff at school).

just 15 minutes from my very house is the denby pottery visitor centre and factory shop, and that’s where mum said she’d like to go today. well, ok then :)
i honestly didn’t mean to buy anything.

but then i thought i’d just buy 2 mugs.

“look at these, dad. aren’t they pretty? i might buy a couple… and then next time, i’ll buy a couple in a different colourway… it’d be an affordable way to build up a nice little collection”

“look at these, dad. these are the ones i’m going to buy next time.
or… i might just get them now.
it’d be an affordable way of there not being a ‘next time’.”

oh and i had to buy the little milk jug too. at £5.00 it would’ve been rude not to

it is no wonder i’m too poor to afford kitchen tiles.


5 thoughts on “24. the one with the (factory) shopping spree

    • oh they won’t break – they aren’t for USING! *horrified*
      they are just for admiring at our next picnic. whilst i serve you tea in plastic beakers :)

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