23. the one with the cupboard

working title: the one with the hospital.

when we downed tools on friday evening, my glorious future-cupboard looked like this:

unfortunately, it looked like that on saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday also.

dad took ill on friday night, so saturday was all about derbyshire’s finest emergency hospitals and pharmacies. and sunday was spent, gathered round his leg, watching infection receed from scribbly biro lines.

between thermometer readings, i managed to squeeze in 563468756375 hours on the internet dealing with my macmillan fund raiser.

30 brooches sold in under 24 hours and £125 raised :)

and between packaging and posting them all, we did manage a pleasant family outing to the doctors (as well as a trip to the pub for lunch).

so yesterday, under instruction, i took up the cupboard-building reins.
(actually, i had to pretty much wrench them from dad’s hands. he doesn’t do “invalid” very well. and i see who i inherited my control freak gene from…)
it was all going ok until the massive thunderstorm and torrential rain this morning.
(oh, but this is nothing…

…this is after it’d eased off, after i’d
1. rescued the power tools (who’d be dumb enough to work outdoors in late june?)
2. adjusted the guttering so it’d cope (a bit)
3. rescued my lilipopo lavender keyrings (again) after an(other) indoor lake

luckily the power went out, so there was time to mop up (front and back) before carrying on…

by 6pm i was up to here:

woodfillering and painting aside, my awesome bespoke fabric cupboard is almost ready.
goodbye 2364623746 ikea boxes of Stuff :)
hello ocd-ordered shelves full of well pressed fabric organised by colour and subdivided into weight :D

dad’s also built me a bespoke overlocker table (which i’ll paint up to match Sewing Table),

so i can have space and/or both of my sewing machines set up on the (other) table.
i’m now all set up to be super amazing productive multi-tasking creator & sew-er of many things at once…

…if only i hadn’t buggered up both my stupid rsi wrists on all that drilling and screwdrivering >:(


14 thoughts on “23. the one with the cupboard

  1. Hopefully your Dad’s feeling better. Do you and your family usually have this much excitement when you get together? If you do….. the local shops and hospital must see a spike in your visits when you are all together. :)

  2. Poor Fiona’s Dad. I hope he is better now – the bit about his leg didn’t sound good…. Have The Parents gone home again now, or are they still at your house? Anyway, I really hope your dad is on the mend.
    Soo impressed about your fundraising results. Brilliant – and the brooches were just so gorgeously fabulous.
    Aaaand a cupboard too – obviously you take after your dad in more than just OCD-ness. (Wonder who I inerited mine from… my mum I suppose; but my son has caught it off me, that’s for sure!).
    But anyway, I am veeery impressed by the Smart Cupboard With Doors On for All the Fabrics. Wow.
    And of course Henry needs his own personal nest in the bottom. Will you let him have the dustpan & brush set in there too, for company?
    Have a good week. XX to your dad and hope your wrists etc are also better again soon. X

    • he’s up and about now, thanks lizzie. so we’re off out to do some Normal Person things today. including an outing to the post office to (finally) post your brooches! thankyou :)

  3. Glad your Dad is on the mend. Will you make a cupboard for my fabrics too? No? Oh well I might have to get the power tools out then. The fabrics all keep falling off the shelves and landing on me when I’m sitting at the sewing machine. I keep getting buried under a fabric mountain!

  4. Blimey, sounds fun ’round your place! ;) Glad your Dad’s on the mend, that didn’t sound good and nice to know we’re not the only ones with a flooding door (ours is the new ‘recently’ fitted door, thanks to your crap builders). Your cupboard looks great, I have one on the stairs that still has only a curtain for a door, some years on. One day it’ll all be finished. Bethx

    • funnily enough, our flood-door was fitted by “professionals” also!

      my dad should hire himself out as a travelling carpenter for when they’re away in the campervan. his rates are awesome!

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