22. the one with the old folks at home

i bet when normal other people have their (pensioner) parents to stay for the weekend, they do nice stuff like gentle tourist-y sightseeing, and cream teas in the sunshine?

the other day, when i ocd-cleaned the ENTIRE HOUSE so that it gleamed, and arranged neat little piles of guest towels on the end of the freshly ironed bedding…
back then, somethingsomething *vague, hopeful, misty-edged dream sequence* …

…well anyway, not this:

it’s cold, it’s dark, it’s windy and it’s pissing down with rain.
so there was no option but to shove the couch up against the fireplace and accept a living room slash workshop.

hey, i like shuffling through sawdust in my pyjamas and bed socks as much as the next girl, but i much prefer to be around power tools when i’m awake.

*general chaos ensues*

leaving my poor dad to deal with the unforseen circumstance of not-ever-so-straight walls,

i eventually managed to sneak away to the relative quiet and Clean of my bedroom, and package up shop orders that’d come in overnight. and get dressed.
and then mum & i snuck off even more, into town, to do the essentials, like post office & thorntons emergency.

did i mention it was cold, dark, windy and pissing down with rain today?
the very best time for thin linen trousers and umbrella fail.

upon our wet return, dad’s scorpion had sawn its last length of wood (r.i.p. black & decker scorpion), and the job had ground to a frustrating halt. (unfortunately there is no power tools shop near my house).

so then, it was lucky his drill caught fire before he set off to buy a new saw (r.i.p. bosch drill).

in my haste to open all the windows i forgot to take a photo – so just *imagine* that my pristine sewing room slash guest suite is full of rancid black clouds of electrical smoke here:

you know that thing when you put a mint on the pillow?
cupboard doors and drill bits can be a lovely touch also



9 thoughts on “22. the one with the old folks at home

  1. My old folks will be arriving here on Sunday mainly to mind the boys while I go to the hospital on Monday. But I am also hoping that my Dad might, perhaps, maybe see what he can do about the huge scratch on the lovely oak tv unit we just got??? Possibly not power tools this time. They have done decorating for us before too.

    No calico washing occurring??

  2. Oh dear… a rather eventful day. Just think, every time you use your lovely new, dad-fitted cupboards, you will think fondly of the day when he made them for you… how he measured the not-quite-straight-after-all-its-an-old-house walls; how he cut the panels for the cupboard walls – and his saw died; how he drilled the holes to screw it all together – and his drill caught fire; how you and your mum went to the shops, to pick up emergency chocolate supplies – and the umbrella blew inside out in the rain…
    Sounds like a normal kind of day to me!
    Hope you have a more peaceful weekend. X

  3. I didn’t know you had a blog! I also laughed, in a sympathetic been-there kind of way. Whilst M is away in the US for 7 weeks, I am finally attempting to paint some of the never painted rooms in our house, the building work is mostly a distant memory but no so distant that I can’t remember the madness of it all. It’ll be worth it in the end. Bethx

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