21. the one with the SuperProcrastinating

i have so much to do today…

i’m glad i started blogging – it allows a whole new level to the art of procrastinating.
i’ve even started thinking of it as a russian doll of procrastination: i should be doing this… so i’m doing that… except i’m actually just tinkering round the edges of that, so that i can do something else… and then to put off finishing the something else, I CAN BLOG ABOUT IT instead. matryoshkinating!

‘cos here’s the thing; mum & dad are coming to stay tomorrow, so i need to turn the sewing room back into a guest room, and move all of the boxes so i can hoover up all of the thread.
this meant i only had 3 sewing days this week, and intended to be super productive.

i have some new fabrics and a new floral design that’s selling well at the moment…

…but instead of making more of them, i thought i’d do something else.

something quite labour-intensive and time consuming to please my obsessive nature.

these are going to become little fabric brooches that i’m hoping to sell to raise money for macmillan cancer care. i “just” need to sew all of the fronts onto all of the backs and attach all of the pins and…

so instead of making the most of my last sewing day today, and getting the brooches finished off, i thought i’d do some long overdue housewifery instead.
i mean, it’s not like dad will even notice, but mum might think twice about wanting to eat anything that’s been prepared in my kitchen.

so just clean the kitchen. just a bit. no need to go crazy.  <— me talking to myself
hoovering the spiders out of the cupboards, and wiping the dog fur out of the fridge is the least i can do for my guests, right?

but my ocd kicked in.
so whilst polishing the cooker hood and chatting to myself, i remembered this one time when i agreed to be a ladder model…

now, this is a true story, not from my imagination or anything!
a couple of years ago i was asked to be one of those morons in a ladder advert. you know the ones on the packaging? who are fake-cleaning their windows or fake-changing a light bulb or fake-reaching for something.
well i had to do all of those things ^ as well as fake-cleaning the cooker hood!

this is me:

so while i was doing the REAL cleaning today, i was thinking about how unnecessary one of those little ladders would be in my tiny cottage kitchen.
the ceiling’s so low that, at best, tiptoes will suffice, and at worst i can pull up a chair.
and my kitchen’s so narrow that… oh wait, lemme just show you real quick…

*goes to recreate the scene of fake cleaning the cooker hood*

this is me:

oh everyone does their very best ocd procrastination cleaning in their pyjamas, right?


8 thoughts on “21. the one with the SuperProcrastinating

  1. oh yes, much better to just stand on the work surfaces in your filthy bedsocks from off of walking on the floors n stuff! mum will be SO PLEASED!! sterling job.

  2. Actually I think your kitchen looks great (maybe a little bit narrow, but functional and pretty).
    I do my best cleaning in my pj’s… But I don’t tend to stand on my worktops – fall risk too scary for me. Shall I tell Sal I saw you clean the sock-bottom-fluff off the worktops (would she believe me)?

    Would your OCD allow you to attach the backs of the brooches to the fronts with ….wondaweb? or…. fabric glue? And the same for the brooch-back-pin-thingies… Could save you hours! (but of course, those hours saved could be replaced by a similar number of OCD-Worrying hours… what if the glue doesn’t hold and they all collapse? (of course not, but y’know…) What if people think FionaT was lazy for not stitching every little bit of the brooches? (we wouldn’t, but y’know…)
    “How does she know all this?” I hear you thinking (or you might be.. humour me here..it’s called “comic effect” and I’m not all that good at it!).. Well… I just know… because it’s the sort of OCD thing I do too. Have had to learn, since that accident, to sometimes settle for “Good Enough” instead of 210% perfection. Hard lesson…

    I’m sure your mum will be happy with whatever you have done in preparation. After all, she is coming to visit You (isn’t she?), rather than your fridge. Mind you, I do prefer that my breakfast milk isn’t covered in dog hair… so maybe a quick wipe would be good…

    Have a great time with your mum & dad! And enjoy the procrastination – if you’re going to do it, might as well do it well – “matryoshkinating” – love it!

  3. I’m so glad I’m not alone in a) procrastinating and B) ocd cleaning. It’s just that when you start you see all the other jobs that need doing. Like emptying your cupboards and putting everything back in in the order of often-usedness/best by date and labels must always face the front… Oh and when you’re not ocd cleaning or avoiding sewing, you should always be checking out everyone’s blogs and spending all your time faffing about commenting on your phone so it takes 3 times as long, yes yes :)
    Your brooches look lovely though, most yummy, and how good of you to do it for charity :) brownie points, you should pat yourself on the back by baking cookies or something, then you can procrastinate and re clean and everyone knows that the best smell when you visit someone is freshly baked yummies!

  4. Matryoshkinating – fantastic! So much of that going on here right now that reality only has imprints from my fingernails!! No small ladders needed here either – painted bathroom ceiling with both feet still on the floor!

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