18. the one with the socks

i have a ton of stuff i need to do before i go away TOMORROW.
*mini panic attack*
(like, for serious)

so i thought it’d be the very best time to catalogue all of the socks i have knitted this year.


10 thoughts on “18. the one with the socks

  1. I didn’t even know you could knit! It’s such fun, learning new things about people…
    Do you have a Thing for odd socks btw?
    They’re all very impressive… I can knit, but I never do…I really don’t like it. Except knitting lace – I like that! My only attempt with a circular needle was a huge disaster. I’ll leave the socks to you – you’re obviously an expert. I love all those… just don’t leave any lying around nearby, as I may feel compelled to turn them into Creatures! (what amazingly wonderful creatures they would make….)

    Hope you have got to the end of your Panic List and that you have a lovely time while you are away. X

    • oh but my feet would be so embarrassed if they both turned up wearing the same thing!

      my friend l. is the sock pro – for my first time, she sorted me out with a bottle of red wine and some shiny new needles, after that it was easy :)

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