17. the one with the 16ft scones

i have a ton of stuff i need to do before i go away.
*mini panic attack*
(like, for serious)

so i thought it’d be the very best time to try out lemur lady’s scone recipe from the other week.
this is the recipe i’ve been failing at for (approx. 20) years.

honestly though, with instructions like “enough milk” – wtf kind of measurement is “enough” – it was hardly idiot-proof.
i think the hand written measurements are from 2 or 3 years ago when i decided “enough was enough” and rang mummy for help.
of course, those ingredients were clearly faulty too, producing fail scones that didn’t even measure as tall as the metal bit of the tape measure.

lemur lady’s recipe was much more specific:

… but “fl oz” confused me. i don’t know what in my kitchen might have that kind of measurement written on it.


i took the most popular oz numbers from all of the other recipes, and, because i happen to have that other stuff (bicarb & tartare) i thought it would be nice to add them too.
i don’t really know what they are or what they do, but my mum bought them for me once (because of all the baking fail tantrums, i assume) and i feel a bit bad that they still have their protective plastic seals in tact.
sympathy ingredients, if you will.

12 minutes of Hot later, scones of win occurred!
look! look! their pointy tops are WAY above the metal fail marker on the tape measure!!! :D

*high five*

fiona’s some kind of scone recipe.

8oz self raising flour
2oz butter
2oz sugar
1/4 pint of milk
(+ 1 tsp cream tartare, 1/2 tsp bicarb, pinch o’ salt)

chuck ingredients into bowl
mix until dough occurs.
be gentle! flatten so it’s about 1cm? then use them cutter things to make round shapes.
place on greased baking tray.

make hot!
oven them at 200 degrees for 12-ish minutes


17 thoughts on “17. the one with the 16ft scones

    • yeah well, now that i have CONQUERED bakering basics, i think i’m ready for something super complicated like a VICTORIA SPONGE :D
      so i will need to clarify a few points.
      once i get some eggs (3)

      • That Pascale lady off the telly’s baking made easy book has the most awesome and easy victoria sponge. I have made it 3 times (in 1 week), and have *air punch*ed all the way.

  1. I think those look like amazing and gorgeous scones. You should make more. Definitely. Until you’re sure you are really good at them…
    Victoria Sponge is okay, so long as you whisk in lots of air when you mix the fat and sugar together (electric whisk if you have one)… then add the eggs one at a time, with a dessert-spoon of flour at the same time, to help prevent it curdling (because that pushes air out of the mixture), Mix the eggs in slooooowwwly with your mixer, so you don’t beat out all that air you just beat in! Then use a metal spoon and gently add the flour, sifting it as you go, to let lots of air in again… fold it in with the spoon – kind of a turning-it-over-in-a-sort-of-figure-8 folding. Hopefully, once you have poured half the mix into each (well-greased-and-lined-with-greaseproof/non-stick-paper) tin and baked them carefully… the air will stay in the mixture and it will rise beeeeauuutifully.
    My mum can’t make victoria sponge. Hers come out like spongy biscuits.
    She never believed me, that tub margarine (the cheap supermarket brand is ok, but not the “low fat” stuff, cos it’s full of water), would work better than the solid block stuff. But it does. Really.
    I know this because I use it and my cakes are okay (not amazingly brilliant, but pretty edible).
    Don’t forget to use lots of jam in the middle; and fresh cream – that “butter cream” stuff is not Victorian and it’s yuk.
    Good luck !

    When are you going to have a Cream Tea Party, to celebrate your new Scone-baking prowess?

  2. Um. Could I please have the recipe please? And trying to figure out which parts to do from the photo is too hard. If you have a neat and tidy (and you’re such a little OCD muffin that I’m sure you do) could you please photographyafy it or type it out so I can be just like you? I want a scone win. M’hongry.

    • my faulty pyrex doesn’t have flozzes on! it says litres and pints ON BOTH SIDES!!!
      it is no wonder i am a crap baker with all this shoddy equipment…

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