16. the one with digging (& sunburn)

in my family, “shit or get off the pot” is one of our favourite sayings.
after procrastinating all day tuesday, i started shitting on wednesday. and by that i mean digging.

i’ve been putting it off for so long, because those ^ bricks are from when we did the kitchen extension (may 2010) and after they moved to here, mowing became sporadic. i mean, i like stacking and restacking bricks as much as the next girl, but…

i thought i’d use some of them to make a rustic* raised bed for the vegetables that FutureMe will have time to grow and tend to. because FutureMe won’t be restacking bricks or mowing.

(*rustic means not using a spirit level. or cement.)

of course, every inch of ground that i reclaim from sturdy grass and dandilion shrubs, involves digging down, harvesting what topsoil i can from their root systems, and then DISAPPEARING the great big chunks of turf i’m left with.

(that’s not as easy as it sounds, because 1. there is no rear access to our garden, so i have to use MAGIC.
it’s further complicated by the fact that 2. when we did the bathroom (january 2008), i had to DISAPPEAR rather a lot of builders rubble and yet more bricks. so i buried the rubble in trenches and used the bricks for a path. all of which has been hidden by the overgrown “lawn”) <– more magic

thursday, then, was more of the same. digging, magician-ing & recycling bricks, in relentless heat under a cloudless sky. wearing only a bikini and SPF16 (expiry date: 2005). idiot.

^ that’s kitchen wall and sewing room chimney bricks for the raised bed, and bathroom floor bricks as edging pavers.

this is how bored i am of restacking effing bricks:


because i’m such an awesome Housewife, Husband went shopping thursday evening and treated me to some bags of sharp sand and a new roll of that weed suppressant stuff :D
he also made sympathetic faces and applied aftersun to my tragic sunburnt back. he’s the best!

yesterday, friday, the end(of the digging) was eventually in sight. *grubby, sweaty airpunch*

and all i need now, is for Husband to buy me 62356384653846867 more bags of 20mm gravel.
when he’s not so busy.


6 thoughts on “16. the one with digging (& sunburn)

  1. twins, apart from mine is not reading a novel.
    although he is reading (his circular saw instruction manual)

  2. (ps our brick pile has now grown to such epic proportions that i am considering just building myself a new house and moving in there instead)

    • i have RUN OUT OF SPACE to move all of the crap to! the front garden is full of reject bricks and other bags of rubble, and i can’t stack anything in the back yard because the next job is sds-drillering up the concrete there. i am in RESTACKING CRISIS!!

  3. Your garden is coming along. You have been working you butt off. You are a rebel not to use a level………I couldn’t have gotten away with it with an Engineer in the house. He hasn’t taken to reading in the garden while I work he is in air condition comfort in side. He does crack the bedroom window once in a while to offer advise. LOL. We buried cement and such in the raised bed at the side of the house, it was garbage left by the previous owners. It is amazing what you can hide in different places. Unfortunately our garden has fences all the way around but all the neighbors can still see into our yard anyways, so you have to be careful about what you bury. I need to head outside again as I just had another yard of mulch and a yard and half of river stones delivered so it is back to work. I hope DH got you new sunscreen too.

  4. thanks for your lovely comments you guys! i managed to over do things on saturday… “almost finished… almost there.. must… keep… going…” and my idiot wrists and mutant finger gave out. i am now typing with 2 fingers and driving the mouse with the wrong hand, so i will give you a nice break from my new blogging obsession while i Rest ;)

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