15. the one with sunshine

the sun was out today. like, PROPER .
so i abandoned Everything Else in favour of gardening(ish).

this is what 2 months of neglect looks like, after abandoning a job started 18 months ago…

oh maybe it doesn’t look so bad on the internet? the knee-high grass has disguised the stack of bricks, and the hawthorn’s so overgrown you can barely make out the cement mixer :)

all i had to do today was make a start on clearing “a bit”.
so i can rebuild the steppy-up brick wall
or sieve a load of top soil (it’s been bagged up so long, the weeds growing out of it are as high as my waist)
or dig up more grass to lay the paving slabs
or dig up more grass to put gravel
or dig up more grass to make another raised bed for my veggies

because i’m certain that self-sufficiency will occur just as soon as that area of the garden is under control.
i hope so.

blueberry (singular. one each. if the blackbird doesn’t get them first)

and will these 2010 leeks be okay still, do you think?

at least i’ll be alright for feverfew when the apocalypse comes.

so then,
“just make a start, fiona. anywhere you like. just a start. not the whole thing in one day, just a little bit.”   <—  i talk to myself a lot. i need gentle coaxing.

*back down at the house, scrubbing green slime off the wall*
“oh. oh okay, this is good too”

*re-arranging plant pots at the back door*

still, it’s a vast improvement from 2007 when we first moved in…

… oh. no it really isn’t.


5 thoughts on “15. the one with sunshine

  1. The problem I have with the garden is I think “I’ll just do this little bit” then I end up out there all day. One little bit leads to another and another. Or I just don’t know what to do so… I do nothing! Ha, it’s Extreme Gardening… One extreme or the other!!

  2. I haven’t seen my sewing machine in about two weeks, I was heading towards the end of the tunnel with hopes of finishing mine this week. But it decided to rain today, and a found a nest of baby bunnies in the one flower bed so that bed will have to wait. Of course since it rained today I had to attack the inside of the house as I have a pile of work to catch up with in here. I love gardening in bits and pieces not weeks at a time.

    • baby bunnies! in your very garden! <3 <3 <3
      i don't think i would get *anything* done, i'd just have to sit quietly and observe.

      we've had rain since march, so i'm trying to make the most of it… i wish i could do the garden AND sew!

      • Ye gardening and sewing would be good. We need rain here so I shouldn’t have complained that it was raining, are lawns are turning brown already.

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