13. the one with all of the birds

when Bad Times are occurring, i like to clean.
super mad obsessive insanity cleaning; like scrubbing the floor tiles with a toothbrush for eg.
and i become really seriously anti-social – like, more than normal even – because sharing or explaining woes is so draining. and, duh, i need to direct all that energy into cleaning.

my intention is not to make light of the very sad news i received on saturday morning, but by the time it came, my kettle and draining board were already gleaming.

so to make my head SHUT!, i turned to my other obsession instead. Sewing.

i love sewing these birds. it’s been easy to lose myself in the cutting of tiny leaves and tail feathers, and i find the shape of these birds, from the curve of their chests to the swoosh of their tails, really satisfying to work on.

i’ve made a couple of pencil cases and purses…

^ his eye is super wonky, but i’m learning to GET OVER IT because I AM NOT A MACHINE

and a couple of pieces of wall art…

and today my “new insides” arrived – i have a new supplier for the books i put inside my embroidered covers – so i had a tinker adjusting the pattern and scaling the design so it’ll work better on the new size books…

but these aren’t the only birds i’ve been staring at.

when i’m not at my sewing table, i’m standing in the garden watching mr & mrs robin

(they’re not overly keen on me getting close enough for photos)

who have moved in here…

…with their 7 egg-babies :)

it’s a stupid place to nest – the very bit where i step off the “patio” onto the grass. right next to the bench where i sit & drink my coffee. right next to the washing line. and just opposite anakin’s toilet.
right next to all of the busy things.

the robins are very busy things too! out of the nest & over the hedge. onto the fence. onto the cherry tree. onto the washing line… and there they wait, watching me. and i walk backwards toward the house, one step at a time, until they decide it’s okay and they hummingbird their way back into the nest.
one comes out, one goes in.
all day long.

it’s possible i am dividing my time equally between bird watching and bird stitching at the moment.



***please note:  do not use any images without my prior consent.
all artworks are copyright fiona t. and/or Little Black Heart and may not be reproduced in any form.***


29 thoughts on “13. the one with all of the birds

  1. oh well yes the birds are very Cute but they are hardly zombies are they? unless of course they are Zombie Peace Doves, a-ha-ha-ha! :D

      • If you don’t enjoy things that are wonky, you can’t enjoy monsters, who by their very definition are WOnKy! And I know you enjoy monsters, so you MusT learn to enjoy the wonkiness in your own work. Okay, lecture over the the day!

  2. I love reading your blog – it makes me feel more human as I get in dark places sometimes and go cleaning mad. In fact – if the house needs a good clean all someone needs to do is p**s me off and i’m away, scrubbing like mad – with my main aim of clearing everything off the florr and surfaces!! I love wonky bird – if wonky bird goes on sale at wonky price let me know x

    • rage-cleaning is way more effective than sad-cleaning, i find.
      rage brings elbow grease, and sad brings thoroughness. i will experiment with combining the two!

  3. Yay for wonky eyed birds! You are so right – you’re not a machine… I love your birds, they are so happy and cheery and colourful and ooooo, lovely!

    I am sorry you have had some bad news and I hope whatever it is can be made okay again… if not, I hope you have the support and comfort you need from those around you. X

    (We recently had the sad news that my cousin’s husband had died from the cancer that was diagnosed early last year. He was only 60. I am heart-broken for my cousin… they were married for, oh, more than 35 years… (she is lots older than me). Yet even though I’m so heartbroken for her, I can’t seem to call or write and tell her so. My way of dealing with bad news is similar to yours – I bury myself in some way or another – in my case, bookbinding and internet.
    Thank you for sharing about your bad news. Now I think I will make the biggest effort and write to my lovely cousin. Even if I don’t know what to say… perhaps I’ll tell her that.)

    Your birdies are lovely – both the stitched ones (the colours!) and the robins. We have robins and blue-tits nesting just now; It’s funny how the robins sit and give you stern looks when you get too close – makes me laugh. We try to respect their need for space (though it’s easier for us, as they haven’t nested right by our bench etc). Presumably they have watched you all for a while, before nesting, to make sure it’s a “suitable site”. Hope they hatch their little egg-babies okay – then you’ll have baby fluffballs squeaking in every corner of the garden!

    Have a good day. Keep up with the birdie sewing. More bits of silk and stuff here, if ever you need it for birdies, zombies etc.

  4. love love love the birds! if any of the wall art goes on sale add me to a list!! your blog is a joy to read, written like i talk! came here from Caroline Rose Art on bookface – glad i did – will be popping by again soon.
    hope all is well in your world and may your floors always sparkle (although not obviously because of bad news – that is not good!) :-)

  5. wonky is good! I tend to eat at sad times rather than clean but I think cleaning and sewing are much more productive. Does your dog really have his own toilet? I especially love the grey bird and am hoping you have more of the grey fabric because I am quite sure that I absolutely need a pencil case with a bird on it when I get back from my hols. I will mail you. Lots of hugs xx

    • of course she has a toilet! :o
      she can’t go pooping all over the place, that way lies… accidents.

      i look forward to your email :) (and i won’t let on that it’s sort-of-beige-y rather than grey just yet) x

  6. I love reading your blog. Because sometimes its a bit like reading my own blog, only I don’t have to go to all the bother of writing it, I just let you do it for me and then read all about it. Sad times always have good things hiding inside them, just round the corner when you can only see them if you don’t look directly at them – shiny kettles, pretty birds, baby robins. xxx

    • personally me, i can’t wait to read about the honeymoon road trip around the americas! i keep checking, but it’s still not there. now listen, right, if you don’t write something soon, i will make it up myself!

      • Argh, I know! I just need somebody to invent a special sort of Time Ray Gun that will give me an extra 4 hours in the day and then I will be right on it. Honest.

      • oh don’t worry – you’ll find the time ray gun just as soon as you have a really important deadline to meet…

  7. Yes. But then I will fill all of those four hours with procrastination activities like cleaning the fishtank and then I will be right back where I started.

  8. I don’t clean – except when my head is full of mess, then I can’t do anything until I clean. But enuff about me – can I just say, in a non weirdo stalker type way (unlike some stalkers we know and love) just how much I adore you … oh, sorry, I mean your birds … that is all. Also I adore your hair and your face .. but I will not mention that …. much …

  9. I so adore you, your birds, your wonkiness, your robins, both mr. & mrs., and all your words. I’m with Creepy Internet Stalker. I want to kidnap you, but I don’t have an attic to put you in. xoxo

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