12. the one with the zombie survivors giveaway winner

thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway – i so enjoyed reading your funny & sweet comments!

in the interests of fairness, i asked my gorgeous 13 year old to pick the winner. i don’t *think* she can read, but you can never be sure with collies…

“anakin, wait.”

“anakin, get it!”

okay, so it didn’t go as planned…
stupid collie.
in the end, the winner was the slip of paper she guarded after it got stuck to her face (& stuck to the floor…)

congratulations Louise Farrow!

i’ll be in touch just as soon as i’ve washed my hands. and the the floor.

thanks again to everyone who took part :)


6 thoughts on “12. the one with the zombie survivors giveaway winner

  1. So Louise Farrow is now officially covered in dog-slobber! Of course, she won’t care, because she has Won the Amazing Prize!
    And of course we’re all wildly jealous, but we will paste on our bestest smiles and say “Well done and Congratulations Louise”… because we try to be nice, even when we are disappointed.

    If we are really feeling nice, we might go to FionaT shop at Folksy and buy something lovely and zombified from there, to make us feel better about not winning.
    Or we’ll just go away and cry in a corner… sob…

    Congratulations Louise! Hope you love your prize (you better!).

  2. Thank you!! I am VERY happy to have won my beautiful prize! :-D I will just have to keep them away from our dog, as he seems to believe that anything soft and fluffy that enters the house automatically belongs to him…. spoilt ‘only dog’ syndrome!!

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