11. the one with the zombie survivors giveaway

***edit: now sHuT!***

when i’m working i listen to music.

being predictable & obsessive about things, it’s usually the same playlist. in the same order. every day.
so most of the stuff that i make is created to 30 seconds to mars, alexisonfire, brand new, city & colour…

but sometimes i have tv or a dvd on for background noise, and then my brain forever associates whatever it is i’ve made with that show. in this way, i’ve ended up with a 24 blanket, a royal wedding sock, a the wire scarf…
and one poorly weekend on the couch lumbered me with a harry potter quilt (ugh).

i created my zombie horde whilst watching series 4 of buffy the vampire slayer :)

so, for a chance to win the trio of zombie apocalypse survivors, leave a comment below telling me what song (or film or tv series) reminds you of something you’ve done or made.

^ prize: heavily bandaged kitten, fox & rabbit survivor trio

the winner will be chosen at random.
competition closes on friday 11th of may at 12 noon.
i’ll post the winners name here, and be in touch shortly afterwards.

good luck!


57 thoughts on “11. the one with the zombie survivors giveaway

  1. i haven’t been able to make anything recently, due to house renovations. but, as i also like to have some crap on in the background while i work, i do have a born on the 4th of july coving, a gilmore girls wall, a twilight door and a top gun doorframe! does this count?

  2. Most of my creations recently have been made to the sound of football matches. I actually have a relegation cushion! I daren’t tell my boyfriend! Haha x

  3. There are lots of my things made to Firefly….its my I’m feeling poorly, I’m feeling sad, I’m feeling tired series. basically its my I hate everybody and you’re all poo poo heads so I’m gonna watch Joss Whedon and make stuff series.

  4. Having moved recently I was lacking inspiration. I soon found that I felt like painting (something I don’t normally do and usually reserve for my sons to do) while listening to Gotye “Hearts a mess”. Jack Johnson is another artist that I find comforting and inspirational while cleaning as well as jewelry making. My two boys love to dance and create so I like to play Flyleaf and drag out the paint and larger pieces of paper. They dance and paint with their feet at the same time. Music inspires me and different artists bring with them their own kind of inspiration whether it be painting, sewing, or anything else, music is what feeds my creativity.

  5. Hi Fiona, I’m baffled that anyone can make or do ANYTHING whilst watching The Wire. I have attempted several times to make jewellery while it’s on but find that it takes all my concentration to understand what’s happening, and even then we have to discuss it after and help each other fill in the gaps. I do love it though!

    My competition entry… I was so hooked on an episode of “Breaking Bad” (brilliant series) whilst simultaneously making myself some tiny cerise-coloured resin rose studs, that I managed to drop the resin rose, and couldn’t drag my eyes away for long enough to look for it, so I just picked up another, (forgetting I’d already put glue on the dropped one), and later discovered it stuck to my trouser leg! So my little cerise rose studs always make me think of cooking meth and killing bad guys! xx

  6. I have a beaded necklace I made called ‘The Secret Garden’ even though it’s bronze in colour and looks nothing like a garden. It’s because the film of the same name was on the telly when I started It!

  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes an entertainment routine :p I got in the terrible habit of watching ALL the daytime tv, so many of my things remind me of terrible terrible Jeremy Kyle reruns, but I am currently working on some beastie boys catnip filled mice, I’m donating a bunch to cats protection but brackens little floral mousey (god help you if you try to take it off her!) Is known as mca mouse in my head :)

  8. I am a HUGE fan of Eels and listen to them ALL the time. ‘I like birds’ is one of my favourite songs and I think it’s no coincidence that birds seem to appear quite often in my work, I even made a quilt last year with birds on and the words ‘I like birds’ free embroidered on it.
    Here’s the song

    I also love the song ‘dog faced boy’……… maybe that’s my next critter…………


  9. I’m always making things whilst watching stuff! Although my stuff tends to run over several films ‘cos it takes me so long to do; I have a drawing I’m working on that makes me think of Vampire Diaries and Tangled at the moment! I just can’t seem to watch TV without thinking I should be doing something!

  10. I cant listen to anything upbeat as i find myself getting carried away and dancing like afool around the place so chilled is defintely my creative mode Bon iver is usually on xx

  11. I make a variety of sock beasties whilest watching Castle as it always puts me in a good mood and I don’t have to concentrate too hard on it!

  12. Lately I have been watching hockey as they are now in playoffs. I guess I should be working on sports bags instead of women’s purses. I do sew faster when it’s a lively period because it’s tied.

  13. I adore your zombies and I’m a sucker for animals!! I have recently been making things whilst watching Foxes Live on Channel 4! As well as general wild life programmes. I guess that coincides with my animal themed jewellery :p

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  14. Dexter series 3, I stitched a panel from which I made a print for my christmas cards….. not much time for stitching in front of the tv since then, sigh!

  15. Almost all of my first year’s bookmaking was done to the accompaniment of daytime tv – I was injured and pretty much unable to go far or do much. The books were made a tiny bit at a time, to the likes of “60-Minute Makeover”, “Escape to the Country”, “Homes Under the Hammer” and my favourite at the time – “Gilmore Girls”; I saw almost every one of them for a while (until the builders were making too much noise and then they cut of my tv ariel…).
    I seem to have got out of the habit of listening to music while I work. I must start this again… it’s too quiet round here!

  16. I like listening to peace and quiet (I don’t get much)! I love to sit in my room and make with just the sound of the birds, sometimes rain… or today, someone having a field day with a chain saw!

  17. In the ancient and paint splattered portable cd player in the workroom/attic/box room, is my copy of Florence and the Machine’s Ceremonials. So I guess my bags that I’m working on right now are Flo bags (or are they Ceremonial bags??).

  18. Isn’t it odd how we make and can’t break these associations. My last project of bunting for my daughter’s room was whilst we both watching Nanny McPhee and I can’t get the dancing donkey out of my head! :/ Everytime I go in her room and see it I do the dancing donkey dance, which does make her giggle – she is only two! lol (Yes, I probably do want locking up!) xx

  19. I cannot watch whilst creating, it just doesn’t work well for me. But I do listen.
    I once painted 6 ft high textured canvasses of naked purple men whilst listening to Nine Lives by Areosmith (ahem) but more recently I made my Mini Beasts quilt whilst listening to Tracer on repeat.

  20. How did you sew and watch the wire?!! Most of my work is done to the sound of my children arguing so I have the ‘it’s your turn to wash up’ lost girl bag and the ‘I walked the dog last time’ fairy picture. But I am in the process of crocheting a camping blanket while watching ‘the bridge’.

  21. i would like to say something cool and edgy but to be honest everything is made listening to Thomas Tank Engine at the moment!!
    (Your post reminded me of my son once doing his history homework. TV on in the background and he managed to write part of an Eastenders conversation into his work.)
    {Dab and a dash.}

  22. i like making quilts while listening/watching the waltons , they have lovely quilts on the show on the beds and i like the whole family , love and togetherness while i am making the quilts as when i quilt i like to think the quilts are filled with love and comfort

  23. Aah Buffy, an excellent choice. My default when knitting and I can’t watch is Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister. I know them so well I can join in the punchlines…

  24. I usually sew and quilt, but I went through a painting phase about 12 years ago or so. I love Matchbox 20, and their “Mad season” cd was the one I listened to over and over and over again, for probably months, while I painted.

  25. I am so glad I’m not the only one who likes to ‘watch’ cack while I work…. I have made my way through 7 series of The West Wing while assembling Christmas cards, and made a number of recycled t-shirt bags to all 12 series of Columbo (yes, there really were only 12, even though it seems like so much more). It has to be either films or programs I’ve seen before, or something that doesn’t require too much concentration….. my latest has been 20 odd linen flower brooches to Kill Bill 1 & 2……

  26. Oooh most people seem to watch good, or at least acceptable things while they work :/ I just can’t concentrate on what I’m doing if there is something half decent to watch on TV. Most of the time I make to the channel 5 afternoon film, which is always utterly terrible and a repeat of something I have already seen, especially at christmas! I did manage to make some paper flowers for my wedding while watching (500) Days of Summer though, but I have already seen it lots, so it requires me to look at it less :) While I am editing photos, I tend to listen to the joy the baker podcast.

  27. I have such a mix up of listing and creating toys, but for some reason when I make my Pizzelle cookies I love to put in the DVD of Chocolat’. Maybe because I am making a tasty treat and it is about yummy goodies and eating what you like even when those around you think you shouldn’t.

  28. Now let me see, I have spent FAR too much time over the past year or so making all manner of crochet, painting and stitchery while watching the twilight saga! terrible I know but I am a woman of a certain age (37) and just can’t help being a bit in love with the idea of “goody vampires” , it used to be Angel and sometimes Spike (guilty pleasures!!) but then Edward stole my heart…sigh. When in my teens all my best paintings were created to a soundtrack by The Cure, but if I am in a musical mood these days it is more likely to be The Bombay Bicycle Club or Foo fighters. these inspire me a lot, as do your Zombie creations. the Bunny I got from you sits watching me menacingly while I type!
    I dont think I could incorporate Zombies in to crochet scarves though? Perhaps you and super cute tilly could develop some Zombie Amigarumi? Xx love the blog

  29. I have only recently embarked on the knitting/crocheting/sewing craft…thing…so any and all background music and tv shows have been drowned out by the screeching of thinking gears in my head…not dissimilar to the sound that table makes at the beginning of Men In Black…during the recruit exam…when Will Smith drags it over to his chair…

    …and baking usually involves shouting at children…

  30. whatever I make, be it knitted or sewn, is usually done to crime shows on TV like CSI, The mentalist, Scott and Bailey, Vera etc etc. They’re is always a lot of death involved (on the tv not the things I’m making) but I find it quite a nice juxtaposition. :)

  31. I’ve made a lot of my items with Amy Winehouse’s ‘Lioness: Hidden Treasures’ album on in the background. Fabulous!

  32. I’ve been doing most of my stamp making to endless repeats of Ace of Cakes recently, that and Cake Boss :) makes me bloody hungry though! Emily, Skull and Cross Buns

  33. I remember making a black jumper for my Grandad’s funeral a few years ago listening to Leonard Cohen wishing my grandad hadn’t past away so quickly. I still have the jumper and wear it when I’m feeling sad x

  34. So many items made to My Chemical Romance, Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro! Anytime I see photos of finished cake toppers I can just hear the songs that were playing as I made them. Also, there are mire than a few crocheted bunnies made during Homeland. ;D Jdx

  35. I love the song from the TrueBlood series as it reminds me of when i first started my labour. I used to watch it every week religiously and always said my son would come on a tuesday and he waited until the last episode in the series to finish and as soon as the song finished my contractions started! So i can never forget the tune to that series! (although im not sure what its called, i could sing it to you! Lol) xx

  36. I don’t really create things but there is one very random film that reminds me of a particular time and place! My husband and I met on a uni ski trip and it being a uni thing we went on coaches rather than flying. On the way back I remember them showing ‘The Transporter’ on the tv on the coach and we watched it together – as crap a film as it is, its ‘our film’ – the first thing we watched together before we even knew we’d be a proper couple, let along a married couple 7 years later!! x PS Yey for giveaways!! :D

  37. i usually sit on the sofa in front of the tv when i make my jewellery so i usually have something on that doesn’t need my full attention, either reruns of friends or the food channel! if i’m not on the sofa, i’m at the kitchen table with the mix tape cd my husband made me for our anniversary on in the background!

  38. I often make things whilst my partner and our little angel watch Tv/movies: I have several Blues Brothers sock monsters and Mary Poppins baby booties… Scooby Doo fingerless gloves and a Naked Gun baby blanket which turned out quiet well considering I was giggling a lot…. :0) Tam

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