10. the one with my sister’s birthday

we went to lincolnshire for the weekend.

normally, no matter what, my sister’s birthday weekend heralds the beginning of The Hot.  usually it’s clear blue skies and glorious sunshine, we braai (that’s barbecue in english) in her beautiful garden, and complain about how quickly the ice cubes in our drinks are melting.

this year there was sleet.
and she was in the throes of DIY-woes anyway (it’s a family thing, clearly) so we celebrated with a birthday lunch at mum & dad’s house instead. inside. with the heating on.

i forgot to take any photos, so you’ll just have use your imagination.
much lovely food and cake occurred here:

^ mum’s best cake stands, featuring some left over crumbs. and a recipe for cake.

we ended up perched at that table for TWELVE HOURS as the chatting & lols continued late into the night.
hey don’t you hate, right, when you’re laughing so hard that you think you’re going to be sick? when you can’t catch your breath and your muscles go into spasm, and there’s so much tears and snot running down your face that you can’t see, and you slide helplessly onto the floor in an uncontrollable, hysterical mess?
or is that just me?

these are mum’s cane dining room chairs, circa i don’t even know when.

they look kinda pretty, right? but they are UNCOMFORTABLE!
especially after 39 and a half years 12 hours of sitting.

it was a really good day, but oh! i am a wreck today – all aching lol-muscles, dehydrated and tired, with a stinkin’ cake hangover.
here’s me & anakin looking haggard:


11 thoughts on “10. the one with my sister’s birthday

  1. i had an awesome birthday but GOD! the cake and lol hangover!!! i might as well have gotten hammered on wine!
    (for part 2 of my birthday, i spent the entire next day recovering from my actual birthday, vegetating on the couch watching all of the star wars films from 1 to 6.)

    • YES! when we got home, i had to spend episode 1 to 6 of sons of anarchy series 3 recovering on the couch. next time i will just drink alcohol.

      • it’s a bit crap this series though, don’t you think? i much preferred the others. because i don’t care about babies or fake irish backgrounds i guess :\

  2. Well, I’m glad you had fun. Even with sleet (!), no braai (!) and having to sit on uncomfortable chairs to eat cake and laugh. I mean, what hardship, eh?
    Thank you for sparing us the worst of the Hungover Photo… But Anakin is such a lovely dog, that I was glad to see the photo anyway.
    I hope you feel better now. Wouldn’t like to think you’d need to endure Episodes 1-6 all over again…. Or not so soon after the weekend.
    Your mum has two very nice cake stands btw. I may be a bit envious…

  3. ooh – i have the exact same cake stand (the one on the left) from my husbands grandmother! i love serving over filled vicky sponges on it – then licking all the jam off the glass….. :-P

    • *clapping* :D

      i think these were my gran’s cakestands… as is the recipe book.
      victoria sponge is my favourite! i’ve never been able to make one myself (it’s a long story) but after the interrogation into my baking techniques, i’m all fired up & ready to try again.
      i just need to get some of those metal circles…

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