9. the one with the after(ish) photos

just for comparison purposes, here is that photo of me crying in the corner.

remember? the day when we were almost finished plastering, and had in fact just finished painting the ceiling… and then the ceiling fell down. (you can read all about those woes here)

but by the end of last week, it was looking pretty good – a couple more coats of varnish needed on that beautiful floor, some levelling stuff in the fireplace hole, and a coat of white on the skirting board / where we’d boxed in the gas pipe. i wish it could’ve stayed empty like this forever <3

despite all of the fails and all of the injuries and all of dust & fumes, the only moment i lost my will to lol, was when i realised the windows (2 months work last summer, remember? 2 months of sanding. 2 months of Not Sewing)… when i realised the windows had been crying condensation tears all winter and would need another overhaul already. ffs.

well i can’t do anything about it until they dry out, so: *brainskim*

so today, sunday, was the day i finally got to move back in!
seriously you guys, i’ve been dreaming about this moment since may 2010 when i started Sewing For Proper.
in my sewing room fantasy though *misty 80’s dream sequence* it’s all beautiful real wood furniture, exp£n$iv£$ like out of the glossy mags, and bespoke storage units full of pretty haberdashery.

not second hand, mis-matched, too-big, cheap, laminate stuff. with additional storage box mountains. :(

those’re bespoke cupboard doors leaning in the left hand corner, i guess? and some time soon, my dad’ll build the fitted cupboard behind them that will house all of those boxes.
for now though, i’m just happy to get back to work. and even if that means back to organised chaos in a room that’s also a guest bedroom and laundry room as well as a sewing room, at least it’s no longer the building supplies room too.

no. the building supplies room is now in the living room. behind the sofa, and in front of the door.

but actually, with a budget of £0.00, i don’t think we’ve done too bad.
i’m just going to xbox for a week real quick while i recover, and then i’ll be back in business :)


15 thoughts on “9. the one with the after(ish) photos

  1. Oh but… it just looks so lovely! Sorry about the window (you can get little canisters of anti-condensation crystals at the DIY – you sit the canister on the window sill / frame and it absorbs the condensation. Might help next winter? Also blinds and curtains make a good insulating barrier, I have discovered!!) Anyways, when the window is dried out and re-painted, it will be spiffy again.
    Meanwhile, the sewing room is looking great already. Hope your dad is able to help with the fitted cupboard soon.
    Any mileage in putting in a tall thin wardrobe for the laundry? Ikea do them at 50cm wide and we got one for DS’ bedroom. You can get drawers, shelves and baskets for them, as well as hanging rails. You could use it to hang stuff in and have shelves to hold clean clothes, iron and stuff… with the ironing board slotted between the cupboard and the wall? Assuming of course, that you can save up some ££ on your budget of £zero-zilch-nada…. You even have a sewing machine so you could sew a curtain for over the front and save squids on buying a door!
    Meanwhile, I love the floor and it looks so new and nice and exciting… If it was me, I would be itching to get in there and work…
    Can I come and play in your new sewing room, please?
    (I still smile when I see that “crying in the corner” photo -because your hair was so shiny and you were so dusty…)

    • BTW, by “blinds and curtains” I mean both, layered up. We have both in our dining room, on the huge enormous 1970’s patio doors. When one is closed, it’s draughty. Close them both and there’s hardly a sniff of a breeze…

  2. I think it looks fantastic. Loads better than all the rooms in my house!! One day we will get there too. We also have a budget of zero for interior stuff. All the budget is going to go on re-pointing. (It’s listed, so has to be done properly and therefore expensively of course). You are going to be toasty warm sewing away by the radiator :)

    • thank you! :)
      ours is listed too – it’s a very expensive (worth it) hassle, isn’t it?
      having the exterior repointed wasn’t on our list of jobs at all… until our neighbours had theirs done <3. our "budget" is all going on 1 door :/

  3. OOOOOOh lovely especially the floorboards and that chair looks a bit comfy, does it have a coccyx cushion on it? I like your new building materials storage space, I’m so glad we’re not the only ones who just sort of move stuff round the house to make different rooms look tidier!

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