8. the one with the floor boards


as IF.

we hired a floor sander for the weekend, but spent most of saturday morning patching  gaps and holes.
(what that actually means, is Husband was Doing Stuff, whilst i was stropping around, criticising his work, impatient to get on and use the glorious floor sander).

i forgot to take a “before” photo. it was kinda like this (“after” photo), but with trickster nail heads & deadly splinters everywhere, painted with that dark brown treacle the victorians loved so much, and well worn from 226 years of walking feet.

eventually, i was allowed to begin sanding…
*so excited*

“okay, Husband? i think i’m ready for you to take over now. you can finish it off.”

those things are HEAVY!
your ipod needs to be turned up all the way up to drown out the god-awful noise.
and you need a 6 inch thumb to be able to keep the ON button depressed while the rest of your hand is waaay over on the right somewhere, supporting the weight of the stupid vibrating thing by it’s cumbersome handles.

not a job for a lady with hurty rsi wrists.

“hey, lets take before and after photos of ourselves instead! it’ll be funny later when we’re covered in orange”

obviously there is no “after” photo. nothing was funny at 7pm.
i was hungry, tired and grumpy (and orange). my dust allergy was on RED STATUS (red like the rash on my swollen face), and i thought my vibrating claw hands would never hold anything again.

but we were finished…

… with the heavy grade paper.

today (sunday) was much easier, and we were finished sanding and cleaned up by lunchtime.
encouraged by our progress, i thought i’d make a start on the woodstaining. there’s a lot of very old wood in our house – panelling, beams, doors, floors – as well as the new(ish & refurbed) wooden furniture, and throughout i’ve used the same colour by THE SAME MANUFACTURER.

not today though. today i thought i’d use an economy brand.
and with such a large area to “colour in”, i thought i’d start the job with a half empty tin.

“work quickly and in the direction of the grain” the instructions say.

they don’t say what to do when you run out ON A SUNDAY. and the colour is all wrong anyway.



7 thoughts on “8. the one with the floor boards

    • that’s one of my very favourite books! and what a good idea…
      … until i’m stupidly shouting “halt wood stain, halt” and it’s bubbling down the street :D

  1. When you’ve had a hard weekend – especially one that includes bashing in nail-heads, heaving heavy sanding machines, turning orange and wheezy, then trying to get a head-start on the floor painting… then it doesn’t look right, whatever. Glad you felt better about it the following morning and hope you soon get it all done! At least that sanding is finished, (yes?)

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