7. the one with my sewing room (part 2)

most of the time my sewing room functioned well enough.
it was clean and warm, so i sewed on.

every time we *did* tackle a renovation project however, there was this big pain the ass of packing away all of the stuff, sealing it all plastic boxes, moving everything to Safety, and shutting my online shop until After. when i’d spend a week monica-cleaning the entire house before i dared risk touching anything. fresh white cotton for eg.

mostly though, the last 2 years have been all about the sewing.

there was a month last year when i renovated all the sash windows (in my sewing room)

and a couple of weeks in october when we plastered and painted the bedroom.
and then a couple of weeks in january i spent painting furniture (in my sewing room) for the bedroom.

mostly though, the last 2 years have been all about the sewing, and *brainskimming* the fact that i would need to make a start on this room Really Soon.

last month, Really Soon arrived. :(

everything was packed up & shoehorned into our bedroom <– it took me a week just to move everything upstairs. seriously. *ocd woes*
and so it began.

i bitched and whined my way through the sanding & staining of the ceiling beams. all 11 of them. both sides.
i yelped and swore my way through the removal of the fireplace.

“i am wasting my precious sewing wrists on this effing hammer and chisel, Husband. i bet proper women don’t have to do this.”

i observed my way through the fitting of wall lights and the very many glorious plug sockets (Husband task), i nagged my way through the chopping in of cables and the boxing in of pipes (Husband again), and bitched and moaned some more at having to mix plaster for the ceiling.

“i am wasting my precious sewing wrists on this effing drill, Husband. i bet proper women don’t have to do this.”

i coughed and sneezed my way through the rest of the plastering – but with barely any complaining. hardly at all.

“will you be finished soon, Husband? only, my poor wrists are too hurty to cook dinner tonight”

yup, barely any complaining.
until the m*********ing ceiling fell down.

but we started again. did it all again.
and i bitched and moaned and complained about it all again. and now we are up to here:

with just the sanding & varnishing of the floors to go.

(and the building of some fitted cupboards)
(oh, and some woodwork to paint) (and the cleaning, of course) (and the rebuilding of the furniture and unpacking and…)


15 thoughts on “7. the one with my sewing room (part 2)

  1. wow! you have been blogging for ages, in fact for just about as long as you were supposedly doing the DIY. I don’t think there are any pics of you actually doing the DIY are you just there taking pics for your blog??

  2. Fiona love your blog, I’m very happy for you to be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I wish I could take the fireplace out of my sewing room, it’s ugly and takes up too much room.Not to mention, once in a while we have a visitor arrive in it (and it is not Santa). Then the fun begins of getting it out, oh the joys of our sewing rooms.

    • thanks natalie :)
      and hey, just rip out that pesky fireplace – it’s so easy peasy and one of the most loveliest fun things to do. honest. *highly recommend*

  3. How did I not realise you ~finally~ *have** a BLOG? I must’ve noticed your comments… maybe FB has been hiding them from me again…
    This is good blog (all 7 posts of it!). I think I’ll come here again.
    You should post the photos of The Renovation of the Sash Windows and The Holes Where the Windows are Supposed to Go… they were good…
    What does your husband do, when he isn’t re-plastering falling down ceilings, or cooking dinner for his “I-have-RSI-Wrists-that-hurt-too-much-to-cook” wife? I haven’t noticed any credits to him on the Sewing side…
    Just think, soon you will have a Sewing Room and a Clean and Tidy House.
    Whatever will you do?

      • i have it in red too (my favourite colour), but the yellow one is just so… HAPPY! it makes finishing plaster such a pleasure :D

      • (ps – i have a BIG black one – for serious jobs. the yellow one for general bits and bobs, and a green one. the green one has no handles any more as they both snapped off, but it is still a Handy Recepticle, so i haven’t thrown it away.)(just so that you know should you ever come to my house and try to catch leaks with a handybucket, for eg.)

  4. I don’t have a handy bucket in either red or yellow or black, but I think I really should get one, I think it would be really handy for collecting toys and for all sorts of other things, I don’t have a diy project on the go as I don’t have a house – I live in a cardboard box which leaks, maybe the bucket would come in handy for collecting leaks. You should have called it the yellow handy bucket . the end

  5. Wow, your room is looking so much better. The end is in sight. My room is full of cardboard boxes left over from moving house! But I do have a bucket (yay). And it’s handy (yay). But it’s grey (boo).

    • ohh! limited edition ooak handy bucket??!! :D

      i wonder if you’ll still have those cardboard boxes in 5 years time… we only recently unpacked the last of ours. it was quite handy having “temporary furniture” you could make notes on <— top tip

      • There is a strong possibility they will be still there in 5 years. They have already been there 1 year. We have written on them so we know what’s in them. Small boys keep playing with the empty ones.

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