6. the one with my sewing room (part 1)

2 years ago, i accidently started a sewing business.

my main job at the time was renovating our cottage. it’d last been decorated c. 1980s, and had been standing empty for over a year when we bought it, so the garden was a little overgrown

and the house itself was…
also a bit overgrown.

after long, messy, exhausting and sometimes vile (^ kitchen for eg.) projects, my ocd for Clean and Tidy would be screaming at me for some Normal.
so during my Normal Person weeks, i’d cook and bake and wear clean clothes and do regular person cleaning, and sometimes i’d get out my sewing machine and make pretty things for When The House Is Finished.

we didn’t have room downstairs for the dining table back then, so it became my sewing table. in my sewing room. (which was – is – also the spare room, the laundry room, the building supplies room & occasional workshop)

i’d always intended to start selling my work eventually, When The House Is Finished, but fiona t. occurred sooner than planned when i realised that if i was sewing For Proper i couldn’t do DIY! :D

so i happily let the sewing spiral out of control at the expense of everything else.

until this january, when my ocd for Clean and Tidy started screaming at me that it couldn’t tolerate working in these outrageously chaotic conditions any longer, and DIY must occur. immediately.


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