5. the one with the picnic

the thing about being an anti-social (in a good way) crazy (in a good way) person with (selective) agoraphobia, is that you don’t get out much, or see people, or speak to anyone (via actual voice-technology) for days at a time.
all of my favourite people live inside the internet.

some i’ve known for decades (since way before the internet even) but some special ones, with their own varying amounts of mentals, i’ve “met” recently-ish via the internet where we are all Top Businesswomen.

imagine then, the excitement when we all climb out of the internet and get together IN REAL LIFE!

don’t we all look so very Normal? gathered round my plastering table enjoying our cheese & pineapple on sticks?

after months of DIY(woes), a glorious day like that ^ has left me feeling very relaxed. :)

so relaxed, that i thought i’d take this week off from painting and woodfillering, and catch up on some other, easier & slower-paced tasks instead…

but then i remembered this:

and my brain did this:

meanwhile, on facebook


12 thoughts on “5. the one with the picnic

  1. snoooooork. i am ignoring my taxis too, by painting. except i am internetting instead of painting. god knows what i will do if i ever have to avoid the internet?

  2. What? I do my taxes online on 31st January, like what all Top agoraphobic Businesswomen do? I’m going to do the hoovering now anyway, so I am exempt from all the things.

    • i am having a panic attack about this for you.
      i will get a taxis ulcer until i actually do mine – so imagine how big it would be if i left it until january NEXT YEAR??!!! :o

  3. loving the blog and so pleased to have found another anti social, crazy, agoraphobic…….most of my communication is done on the ‘magic’ internet…i tell you it’s opened up a whole new world for me LOL……now i can go and tell my husband that i’m not the only ‘freak’ out there :)

    • thank you, and of course you aren’t the only one!
      look, there are 7 of them in that photo right there ^ all using defensive body language and smiling awkardly at the uncomfortable silences :D

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