4. the one with the weird f***in’ hail storm

exactly 2 weeks ago, right, i was in the garden.  *back story*
it was a gloriously hot summery-spring day so i thought i’d take a break, and sat in the deck chair with my knitting. IN A BIKINI. because it was THAT hot.

(the garden is yet another job that i’m part-way through. don’t judge.)

so i couldn’t believe it last week, when i fought my way to the post office through a SNOWY BLIZZARD.
i got really wet – my coat turns out to be Not Waterproof and i had massive jeans-seepage up to my knees.
i was cross.

it was sunny and warm most of today, so i really shouldn’t have been surprised when there was a sudden thunderstorm with crazy hail early this evening.

it was quite dramatic – the sky had turned black, the hail (it was some weird hail-sleet hybrid possibly) was sheeting down, settling on the cars & rooftops and river-ing down the cobbles & gutters, the lightning was flashing, the thunder was booming, the dog was frightened… and from my painting ladder at the middle floor window, i had the best view in the house! :D
so i settled there with a cuppa to watch the show.

imagine the hilarity when i came downstairs to find that our gutters were Full Up of hail-sleet, and this was occurring:

seriously! ^ lookit The Wet river-ing in through the back door.



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